marc + mallory / elizabeth park engagement

It was such a pleasure finally meeting Marc + Mallory a few weeks back at Elizabeth Park. They inquired last November, almost two whole years before their wedding next October at Senate Garage in New York. It's clients like these, who value photography so much it's the first thing they book for their wedding, that make my heart sing!! They were both a little nervous at the start of the session, but they soon warmed up and got so comfortable I didn't even need to pose them! I always love that moment when the guys finally relax and act as if I'm not even there. It allows me to capture that tiny point in time that often goes overlooked. The way he pulls you close and rubs your back, or how your finger gently tickles his arm. My favorite moments, always, always, always. I truly can not wait for their wedding, Mallory got her dress at Everthine and their venue is filled with exposed brick walls, flooded in natural light, a recipe for magic!