kate & jake - engagement

Happy Sunday Y'all!

Introducing my first blog post.. Ever!! 
This is already the third time I'm writing this because it decided to close out 
without saving, the second I wrote the last sentence *rolls eyes* 

On a happier note...
 Yesterday I had the absolute pleasure of meeting Kate & Jake 
at Riverbend Farm in Uxbridge, MA. I felt like I already knew them from all the insta stalking i've been doing since they booked me for their wedding a few months back. 
This session was by far one of my most favorite engagements to date. 
Their love is so contagious. 
The way they laugh together (at everything). 
The way they slow danced in the woods. 
The way he made her a "nest" with a pile of soft leaves 
when I asked them to sit on the ground. 
The way he takes out all the prickers in her crochet dress. 
Oh, and their matching fern tattoos. 
This session was exactly what I needed, 
especially after almost two weeks of being sick. 
Their wedding in September is going to be amaaaaaazing and I seriously cannot wait! 
My heart is still so so full.